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Newline Care Home - Our Values


It is our aim to provide a home from home residence for our residents that offers the highest quality of care and security, in which their care, well-being and comfort are of the upmost importance. We strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of our residents within a friendly and caring atmosphere, and in so doing we will be sensitive to their ever-changing needs.


Our care philosophy is built up on our core values and aims.



We believe that everyone has the right to privacy and confidentiality of their own personal affairs. We will respect their preference to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish.



We will treat every resident with respect and allow them to live in a dignified manner. We encourage each individual to consider their own choices and make their own decisions within their capabilities. Every resident should be respected and treated as an individual.



We seek to promote every residents independence and encourage them to make their own decisions, think and act for themselves. Offer them assistance as appropriate as and when it is required, but not showing interference.



Ensure every resident is given the choice to live in accordance with their own capabilities. We encourage them to participate in the development of their own care plan.



All residents have rights, they have voices and they need to be heard and listened too. These rights include consent, confidentiality, safety, equality and autonomy. We encourage freedom of expression, participation and decision making.



Enable the service users to realise their own aims and create opportunities for them to achieve their goals in all aspects of daily living.